- Kaled


Born in 1985 in Venice Kaled Jabari, better known as Kaled, has Tunisian father and Italian mother.He developed his love for the music at an early stage.Such strong passion led him to give up his studies at the age of 15 with the purpose of completely dedicating himself to the music.He immediately showed an irreprensible attraction for the club so that he moved to London when 17 years old.There he had the chance to realise how much he loved the night life and once back to hiscountry, Italy, he gave born to a duo: the Cosmic Cowboys, along with Nicola.It could be seens already a solid background considering also their dj sets and live performances all over Europe and the Middle East.Only in 2016 Kaled decided to place side by side the Cosmic Cowboys and a solo project.Brilliant starting point his first EP for Get Weird.A truly important EP including his state of mind and the feelings of the moment.A journey through 3 tracks with mental sounds: violins that cross the piano and the mysticpadsFirst step into this new world.Amor Vincitia