- Melanie Massa


Melanie Massa started her career in 2011. In 2012, after editing her first "EP", she started playing in Ableton Live format. The same year, he joined Teqwave Records, a record label to which he currently belongs. During 2013 and 2014, he improves his knowledge on the synthesis and improvement of mixing techniques. She has played in mythical clubs and cycles in Argentina: Mas Bass, Cocoliche, Crobar Club, Level (Studio Crobar), Río Electronic Music (The Bow), Golf de Palermo, M.O.D and Bahrain. Also, she was able to share a cabin with Magda, Fabio Florido, Insect Elektrika, Luigi Rossi, Ian Cris and national colleagues such as Jorge Ciccioli, Bodeler, Ariel Rodz, Brian Gros, Alexis Cabrera, Romina Cohn, Victoria Engel, Udolph and many more. In 2017, she starts playing in B2B format with the talented artist Vicky Sand to make Lives Sets together. Melanie also had other side projects. In 2016, an online radio program called "Night Machine" and in 2019 teaching with Vicky Sand at the renowned music store "120 BPM Store" in Buenos Aires. Currently, she is the creator and organizer of the underground techno cycle "Gaona" and organizer of the live streams "VaporSessions". This last cultural movement is new and unique in the country. Melanie has managed to edit on major record labels in America and Europe (MAGIC HAND RECORDS, MOTHR, TLALOC RECORDS, LOW CLINIC, etc.) and is constantly working for her top label, Teqwave Records. Currently, with his Minimal Techno sound, he is conquering the new local and international generation.