- Amela Amvox


Amela Amvox is a producer, dj and singer .She use to practice music from a lot of years as professionnal , and love to peform in live in many private's and public's places .Her favorite's style is Techno ,and also other styles of electronic's sounds as House ,Deep , Trance ,...that she likes to sound design ...Arrived in 2013 on the French azur coast where she refreshed the town with her parties such as Cosmopolitan After by Amela Amvox for few years in NiceShe was also Dj resident on best after's parties in Bordeaux Black Room & Le Next beforeActually she already signed on few labels some singles remixes or ep & compilations everywhere in the world , and still continue to expand her creations by the way of international's connections in the world of underground's musicHer natural way of mixed vibes is really appreciated and full of good energies when she plays in live , and that's why she works a lot to go on biggests futur stages asap