- Duck Sandoval


Humberto Sandoval aka Duck Sandoval 100% Mexicano, Creative lover of underground music my inspire producers like,Julien Loreto,Carlo Lio,Addy,Antony ,Joe Cons.and more from ontario,Toronto,canada.I'm, DJ & techno music producer, minimalist ceiling since my beginnings were in the scene of toronto 2005 living in my own flesh one of the best places govermant and comfort zone of ai desidi focus on the jenero and in a couple of years will be in my bocasion I decided to learn more music to switzerland to tokar, but I ended up living in loussane tokando night after night at MAD Club and DClub already with 13 years in the underground scene of electronic music and barely producing 6 years ago techno house and minimal techno Recognized in Latin America with more hours playing in the after party. Some of us have the happiness to start very young in that the music is so complicated but it is a blessing to be this time and learned from so many great people in my travels so I could learn what was done and take the step off the line. since we love this is the least important thing just to have fun and make the world dance, I go back to Mexico in 2010, having the opportunity to be playing with Amkgos in the BPM. I WAS TOKANDOO THROUGHOUT THE RIVERA MAYAA DURENTEE3 YEARS OLD AND DECIDOO VOLBER TO MY LAND MONTERREY NUEVO LEON. WHERE ASTA CURRENTLY I'M HAPPY MAKING MUSIC AND ALWAYS READY TO TAKE YOU THE BEST PARTY IN MEXICO