- Fac3less


Born in Greece, raised in Athens at the dawn of the new millennia he witnessed firsthand the age of rave and electronic music as it grew and evolved ,always looking for innovative combinations of unique electronic sounds that exalt the mind, the spirit and the soul.Fac3less opens the gateway to the obscure side of techno through dynamic sound and chaotic dark illusionary atmospheres by the use of rhythmic percussions and acid elements, he manages to deliver a characteristic vibe that will blow your mind away.Known for his resonant full bodied dj sets which include a variety of genres acquired after many years of musical pilgrimage behind the decks or simply as a listener, he preserves his melodic attitude, something that can be verified after hearing his productions that have been evolving as well after countless hours in the studio and many years of dedicated work.One thing is for sure with his remarkable harmonious productive level Fac3less can grant the audience, no matter how demanding,a distinct groove that will implement the dancefloor with an energy so unique that will keep everyone satisfied.Expecting more of his work this young lad will surely conserve our interest alive in the years to come.Resident dj at CubeCo-founder/ owner at Black AudioHe has shared the decks with Dax J, Charlotte De Witte, Harvey McKay, Matt Sassari, Emex, Hudd. etc....