- Manton


We all know that the music industry and the music itself changes every year. New trends, styles and artists appears every day on social media, radios and clubs. For a young DJ,the biggest success is to become a successful procuder and play your own music on the biggest venues in the world. Everything started when UMEK supported Manton's first track on his "Behind The Iron Curtain" Radio Show (Episode 214). It happened somehow, in summer 2016 Mark Antoine ,now known as Manton played for the very first time on a major Serbian "Exit Festival". For an less known, but very ambitious young artist writing his own tracks with his style builded by years of practicing and learning, Manton lunches his first release on the Bulgarian/Berlin based label - Patent Skillz Records called "Illusion", that way he presented his style and his alter ego to the world. "Describe the current target that you want to achieve with your music - whether it was a technical, financial or spiritual motive. What the next step you need to win?" "Right now I'm focused on music production, because it's the only way to start an international career. My biggest goal is to my music makes people connect. The next step that i have to win is respect, but we all know that it comes with years." - says Marko in one of his interviews.