- Kinrade


Alan Cormode, better known as Kinrade, hails from the UKís musical hotspot of Manchester. With a strong focus on music with heart & soul, his humble productions show depth and thought.After starting out, playing records in the early 90ís, it wasnít until 2009 when Kinrade won iDJ magazineís ìdouble whammyi. Winning the publications eRaw Talentí for both DJ mix & production in consecutive months, the only artist to ever do this.For many ìartistsi these days, production is used as a tool to spread their name and bag themselves DJ gigs. For Kinrade, production is the heart of his musical output and by making a conscious decision to follow the studio path, it really does show.After gaining the iDJ accolades, this opened doors for the up & coming producer. His first release being the ìGrave Robber EPi, in 2010, hit the stores courtesy of Berlin based eBad Label Lahorní. The EP oozed deep house & techno with strong influences from the debut producers personal history. ìNyne Days Away is wicked, nice and floaty, and has a nice permeating melody that rides throughouti Jamie Russell (Hypercolour Records). With two of the tracks going on to be published by PointBlank Music London.In the first half of 2011, Kinradeís single ìWatch Yourselfi was signed by Bigger Deer Recordings, featuring remixes from The Pushamann and label boss, Lewis Ryder. Receiving feedback from industry heads, wit h Pet e Gooding chart ing t he original in his Global top ten for June.A second release, ìAfter I Was Twenty2i, and a decision to sign exclusively to Bigger Deer, shortly afterwards, followed.2011 was the year Kinrade really stepped up as an artist. Gaining support from industry heads Slam, Reset Robot and Nick Warren, establishing himself amongst other artists releasing on the Deer imprint including Funk DíVoid, Paul Loraine and Nathan Coles.Kinrade isnít afraid to test the waters with various avenues of sound. Creating inbetween genres with the same influences as ever.ìHer Embracei is due to drop on Bigger Deer in 2013. An EP providing an insight of how Kinrade blends sound, to create intricate & interesting musical journeys. Whether it be down tempo or not, the vibe throbs from the beating heart.