- Charles D (USA)


Electronic Music Producer/ DJ - Charles D is coming off an impressive 2018. With his relentless commitment in the studio, he had 7 releases, 5 of which hit Top 10 on the Beatport Charts. Charles D is currently the #1 selling artist on multiple labels (Glorie Deep, Minar Records, Alveda Subject). His single ‘Deepen the Noise’ was released on ‘Bonzai Progressive,’ the well-known Belgium label which has shared the likes of Charlotte De Witte, Stan Kolev, Eelke Kleijn, and more. His first EP ‘Codes’ had an impressive run, reaching #2 on all Techno releases. The quality of his progressive sound draws on a mix of synths and external sequencers, representing a hybrid of hypnotic arpeggio synth lines with dark saturated techno baselines. On the first Friday of each month his audience can tune in to his radio show, Synthesized Radio, where his taste of Techno is on full display. In 2019 Charles D not only has gigs lined up in NYC, Chicago, and Washington DC, but also has numerous releases in the works. The evolution of the signature Charles D sound has begun and is gaining momentum with each release and performance.