- Ojay Ruger


Ojay Ruger (Rocco Ciarmoli), is an emerging Italian producer.Born in Benevento, a city near Naples on July 20th 1993.At the age of 11, his family moved to northern Italy and began to get passionate about italready in adolescence to the various genres of electronic music. Having the opportunity to attend clubs and parties during his lifetime,he got closer and closer to techno music, to try his hand at djing and falling madly in love until he became a producer only in 2016.His inspirational models are Ellen Allien and Jeff Mills, legends of techno music. In 2017 he worked on various projects, and at the beginning of 2018 his first official tracks were revealed. (Ancitipation EP)Experimenter of various kinds, lover of vibrant atmospheres.Collaborating with Chemical Beat Records, Totem Traxx, Green Nights Records and more.In 2018 will be out many vibrant and atmospherical techno tracks.Stay Tuned