- Interface


Paul Witvoet 39 is stationed in Alkmaar the NetherlandsHis love & passion for Electronic Dance Music started at age 13 when he got his first synthesizer, from the beginning it was clear, his talent lies within music.During the time the technique of synthesizers and computers systems improved which gave the opportunity to explore and enlarge his talent.the ambition grew, together with music education his pad to music was a fact.In 1995 Artist name party XL was born and the first produced record MY HOUSE and GET MY CHANCE was released at label T.T.F records.Quickly after the first produced record his artist name was changed into Paul W, releasing 2 other records DEEP DOWN and GET THE FUNK. In 2009 he signed up as Houseworx with the label Nutrition Records . His first EP came out: GAME BOY which contains 7 tracks. Shortly after the second EP came out: THIS, with 4 other tracks.During time Paul experimented with the modern technology and the variety of possibilities within the EDM music, his style changed from Dance- house into Tech-house.Till this day Paul is producing continuously and his passion will never end.Recently signed up with Housepital Records, Paul introduced Interface and new tracks are produced and released on label twisted shuffle. With his passion there will be many more to come in the near future.