- Robin Tune


Robin Tune aka. Robin Tiedemann has always been an enthusiastic music lover. He had his first attempts as a DJ in March 2012. After a short time he was booked in the hottest clubs and was able to prove himself there. He became one of the most sought-after DJ’s in Switzerland ab become an integral part of Swiss nightlife. His motivation and his enthusiasm for the music can be implemented very well behind the DJ desk. He specializes in House, Deep House and EDM and with his unique show is a guarantee for an incomparable party atmosphere. Robin could also make a name for himself as a producer. He released a fiew songs for example Ocean Drive, which landed in the official Swiss charts and the Viral Top 50 charts in the Netherlands. Some may even know him by his “SuperHitMix” which runs every Friday at Sunshine Radio. In 2016 he was the mixer of the official Streetparade Warm Up CD, which landed on position 6 of the Swiss Compilation Charts. In the summer 2017, he was able to perform for the first time at various clubs and boat parties in Ibiza. In 2018 he released an official remix the the famous voice of Sean Paul.