- Flo Circus


Flo Circus was born in the 80´s near Frankfurt, one of Germanys, maybe one of the worlds most important metropoles of Techno and Electronic Music. He had first contact with the scene, when he went to the famous Club U60311 in Frankfurt. There he was immediatly fascinated and deeply impressed by the sounds of some of the worlds top Djs like Sven Väth, Gayle San, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Pascal F.E.O.S. and so on. So he decided to find out, how to produce this amazing kind of music. After years of playing around with different stuff and styles, Tech House has become his genre of choice. Nice grooving Housebeats with techy influenced sounds, driving baselines and the possibility to put some real musical elements into it, made him come closer to his own style. In the end of 2013 he had his first EP „Son Of Man“ released on Greg Welsh´s label Mörtelwerk Musik. His musical journey has just begun, so we will see how this exciting path will continue and how he is going to develo p his own style, always trying to make people dance and feel good.