- Losless


Created in 2012, Losless is a duo of french producers, born out of the Benjamin Charriere and Etienne Laurent’s encounter.By combining their passion for electronic music and their desire to experiment new sonorities, they produced their firsts EP's, quickly released under several european music labels.Halfway between experimental house music and minimalistic techno, Losless’ lives acts explore with singularity, this ingenuous mixture of styles where many machines and analogue synthesizers gather. Losless like to venture into new musical colors, experimenting living sounds while breaking the constraints imposed by digital music where quantification and perfection are the main key words.Since 2012, Losless performed on numerous stages and festivals throughout France alongside renowned artists such as : Julian Jeweil, Maxime Dangles, Perfect Stranger, Pleasurekraft, Ace Ventura, The Hacker...Traum Schallplatten / Emkan Records