- James Trystan


James Trystan continues his upwards trajectory. After a run of killer releases on Bedrock, Suara, and Eleatics, including the big 2018 hit - Another Story - he continues to deliver music that inspires dance-floors and DJ’s alike. Stepping out of the studio and into the DJ booth he loves to create an ethereal journey of techno, progressive and melodic house that connects every crowd to his unique sound. Deftly demonstrating over 15 years of performance mastery across the UK underground with regular slots at The Key, Ministry Of Sound, The Cross & Turnmills . James has been building fanbases in hot-spots like London, Ukraine, Kuala Lumpur, China, India, Singapore and Thailand; including regular slots at the Jungle Party, Guys Bar, Eden, frequent gigs at Sisyphos in Berlin and showing off his major league credentials with a guest spot at Womb, Japan.