- Vague Recollection


Vague Recollection are Brighton based duo Jason Pepperell and Lui Florez.Drawn together through their love of house music, having a good party and regularly describing the previous night’s events as vague recollections... the duo’s name was born! Having DJ’d together for a number of years previous, the boys decided to combine powers both behind the decks and later in the studio.The results speak for themselves... with an already growing battalion of underground weapons already doing damage on the dance floors, namely 2 releases on Zulu Records, Vague Recollection are now releasing their very first EP with sinnmusik* in December 2013.Vague Recollection also like to throw a good party, and so the highly successful ‘Lively Hood’ was born, starring local current and up and coming talent from in and around the city.With so much hype around Vague Recollection, kind words from peers and more and more people enjoying the boys trademark deep and bass led sound... exciting times beckon for the boys ahead.