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Harald Aufmuth is better known as Harada in the electronic music scene. Music has been his passion ever since he learned to play the keyboard at the very young age of 6. In 1997 Harada started to spin records which led to various appearances by Harada within diverse Clubs in Germany and across the border. Harada describes his music as deep and warm, a blend of elastic basses combined with pounding beats and unique sounds. Shortly thereafter, Harada released his first productions under the German labels Electribe and Soundsgood Rec. In 2006 Harada partnered with Wollion and formed the duo project „Wollion and Harada“ and as a result they release „Metropolitan Fulltime EP“ under the Cologne label Blufin. T his effort combined with an awesome remix by no other than Tigerskin landed the piece on the Beatport charts and stayed at #3 for several weeks. Following several solo EP's and remixes on several Labels like Leftroom,Audio Therapie, Trapez, Dieb Audio and several others, Harada's EP „Conscious Movement“ was remixed by several well known artists in the scene and released under the label Micro.Fon Rec. Those included Emerson and Marcus Meinhardt. 2011 the original version was licensed to M.A.N.D.Y. ́s „Body Language Vol 11“ and released on DJ T's mighty imprint Get Physical Records. 2008 Harada and Oliver Klein teamed up and released „Fischerman“ on the Berlin based Label Micro.Fon Rec. In 2009 Harada and Ramon Z enker ( producer of the well known project Hardfloor) started the project „Zenker & Harada “During the time they release a series of EP's under the label Blufin. The collaboration is still going on. In 2013 Harada and Wollion teamed up again and produce music for labels like Kling Klong, Paso music