- Alvaro Pastore


Since he was young, Álvaro Pastore has loved music of all types. When he was eight he went to an academy of music where he began to cultivate his sound. Years later he became interested in electronic music and started going to festivals and parties and began spinning with vinyl, leaving the classical to explore new styles, all of which can be categorized within electronic music: techno, electro, funk, dub, microhouse, progressive. He has DJayed in venues such as... elRow 14 (Barcelona), Industrial Copera (Granada), Times (Jaén), Colonial (Marbella), Öpera 4 (Granada), Quilombo (Granada), T he Power (Granada), Planta Baja (Granada), Iglú (Málaga), Midada (Madrid), Show Fama (Jaén), Opera Club (Jaén), Sala Hypnosis (Granada), Pirámide (Granada), Sharing fliers with accomplished artists such as: Sino Live! (Technasia & Dosem), Tim Baker, Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela, Tony Mendez, Kazu Kimura, Fatima Hajji, Guy - J, Cora Novoa, Sistema, Leo Laker, Dj Nuke, Robert Guerrero, David Pulido... His style is versatile and unique, characterized by always having a core in techno with its energy and enthusiasm, while being innovative by mixing hard beats with melodies.