- Bjoern Mulik


Bjoern Mulik (a.k.a. MULIK) is one of the pioneers of Tech- House music in Germany. His passion for music begins at early age growing up in Kenya and initiates and reveals the world of the DJ to the Frankfurt-techno-metropolis-born half- Italian. It is around that time when House music is born and DJs learn their skills on turntables to rock the crowd a whole night long. The affinity to electronic music over the years draws attention on national and international events in clubs and on festivals playing with the premier league. To him there are no boundaries. His musical consciousness reaches much further than a genre can verbalize.And his continuous list of releases over 2 decades as a remixer, solo artist or in co-operation shows his ability to reincarnate into different styles. He revives the soul of E-music from the nineties and transforms it with his style into the spirit of modern electronic music. The latest album “The DNS Biscuits” will appear in a new disguise this year on Swedish Label Dansant. It scenarizes a little journey through hiss ounds capes .