- Luis Leon


Label boss, producer, DJ, remixer. Luis Leon is an artist who works in a variety of media. Co-founder of Blankhaus Music since 2012, Luis is a well-known artist for his productions and remixes and his prolific international activity with tours worldwide especially in Europe and Latin America.He has become one of the most recognized deep house and electronic music producer/DJs operating on the scene today. His esteemed label Blankhaus continues breaking incredible new music. From his base in Lima, inadvertently he has become a referent of the authentic electronic sound in South America, and it takes this flag to the four corners of the world.Through abstraction, emotions and soundscapes creating intense personal moments masterfully created, luring the audience round and round in circles. His performance provides a useful set with a pseudo- minimalist approach in music: these meticulously planned works resound and resonate with images culled from the fantastical realm of imagination, trying to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria. By exploring the concept of landscape in a nostalgic way, he creates music in which a fascination with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual and minimal art can be found.His music incorporates time as well as space – a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit. By emphasizing aesthetics, he tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way. Every track seemed to have its own strong identity and unique sound. Disconcerting beauty emerges.