Max's has a real passion for creating the best melodic story telling music. He will always create a track with a deeper level of meaning. Music started from a very young age for Max, his father was a keen guitar and keyboard player, his grandfather was a keys player who loved Jazz and Big Band, for Max music was in his blood. Learning piano himself and playing improvisations on his favourite chords, the journey into composition begun. As his sound has developed he has learned to express the full emotion he is feeling through the music he makes. Max likes to make music which connects directly to his life, the good, the bad, the peaceful, the manic, life is never straight forward for such complex creatures as human beings and Max hopes to capture his experience within his music. Not binding himself to a single genre or type of sound but hoping to bring depth and meaning to his music, helping to unite people and bring the best out of people, inspiring them to get out and reach for their dreams and goals and overcome bad times in their lives. Max always challenges himself to push the boundary with electronic instruments bringing out emotions and evoking strong connections with people through melody and rhythm, he is always looking for new ways to develop as a musician and portray the passion that lies within him.