- Adi Dassler


Adi Dassler is deep-seated in Stuttgart and the surrounding area; the sure-re guarantee of an ever-brimming danceoor of leated „Raverhearts“, he plays regulary in the area`s most famous electro clubs – „Kowlaski“, „Romantica“, „Lehmann Club“ or „Douala“ just to name a few. 
As an owner of two successful labels, he has the chance to work with amazing artists like Umami, Matchy, and Beatamines on a regular basis. Check out “Romantica Records” and other label “Narkose Music”, well-etablished in the black forest party scence. You could certainly call him a visionary – his nger always on the pulse of the beat of the Scene. With parties like “Rave with Us!” he brought a conoction of successful DJs like “Pappenheimer”, “Torsten Kanzler” and the amazing “Marika Rossa” to the party. An energetic connection that hits every high note for rave crowds. The result? Total electronic demolition!