- Djeff


Lisbon, Portugal, was the city that welcomed DJEFF into this world in 1984, and where both his father’s Cape Verde and his mother’s Angola conjoined. Growing up in a capital city such as Lisboa meant being exposed to Michael Jackson, Europe, Bryan Adams, and many others, but living in an African heritage house also meant a close connection to the African roots with bands and musicians such as Kassav, Tabanka Jazz, Livity, Grace Evora, Eduardo Paim, among others. From his older sister came his first contact with electronic music - Robin S, Reel 2 Real, Sizequeen, Daft Punk, Armand Van Helden – and it was an instant and everlasting crush. DJEFF’s musical mission is one directed into breaking borders, diluting differences and bringing together elements from diverse origins and backgrounds, mirroring his own history as one of African and European ancestry, one for genetics another for nurture, but both contributing towards an intricate artistry of sound. He brings together elements of afro, deep, tech and soulful vibes all aimed into providing the ultimate and relentless groove that keeps you dancing all night. His performance is intertwined with his curatorship, as owner of Kazukuta Records, a record label that brings unknown African talent to the forefront, and his prolific music production, delivering three studio albums and a lot of dance floor bangers.