- Novecento


Pietro, aka Novecento, Italian with spanish origins, based in Tenerife. In the scene since 2017 with he's first release at only 23 years old. After finishing to study electronic music production in January 2017 at SAE Institute of Milan, he started his productions with his own style. He already work as resident dj at Papagayo Beach Club. This residency gives him a chance to share the console and learning from some of the biggest artists in the business like: Sidney Charles, Oxia, Skream, Beto Una, Loui Vega, Butch .. Some events he played: Km5 (House Room party, Ibiza) Pasha after club (Tenerife) 4bro (Budapest) VentottotneV (Private Party) He also uses to play every month at Pure Ibiza Radio at the program ‘Follow the Groove’. He released with Intheloop, Habitat, Insolito, Gain.