- Ariose (UK)


Ariose is the combination of two young Edinburgh-based producers: Sean Liddle and Harry Parker. Having spent the majority of the past five years making music individually, it wasn’t until they joined forces on the Ariose project that they truly found their foothold in the electronic Music scene. Liddle’s musical background is diverse – a talented instrumentalist and DJ with a passion for making music that fills the dance floor, ranging from 2-step and bass music to techno and electro. Parker has always been more focused on producing a variety of melodic techno, trying out different arrangements and time signatures to create tracks that are often glitchy and occasionally quite abstract and ambient. Both artists have always been willing to input the time and meticulous attention to detail in order to come up with a finished product that they, and their listeners, can be extremely happy with.Since deciding to work as a duo, the two have managed to refine their sound to an unusual, yet still dancefloor-friendly, breed of melodic techno. T here is a notable German influence in their music that it still recognisable through their own unique sound.