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 - Ben Hoo


How many young producers could say they'd remixed FeverRay, Moby, M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade and Tiga before evenreleasing a solo single? It's fair to say that Ben Hoo's rise toprominence has been far from typical. After all, it takes truecreative flair to carve out a career solely by interpreting thework of others—and London's Ben Hoo has done just that.His two subsequent EPs, 'Marea' and 'Modal' for GetPhysical sub-label Kindisch, showed his enormous potentialas a solo artist, while a further artist compilation, 'Collected',for the imprint is establishing his place among electronicmusic's most promising talents.Ben's involvement with electronic music (somewhatinevitably if you've heard his highly accomplishedproductions) can be traced back to his early teenage years.Weaned on a diet of soul and disco by his dad, and choraland classical music by his mum, Ben began to discoverelectronic music's infinite sound and textural possibilities.Artists like Leftfield, Hybrid, Nitin Sawhney and BT formedthe backbone of his fascination, and it wasn't long beforeBen purchased his first synthesizer. Teaching himself theins and outs of composition, he continued to study pianoand drums, eventually bringing together his many musicalinterests through formal education.Most artists' ascents are aided by a touch of good fortuneat some point in their career, and in Ben's case, being askedfor a speculative remix of Rex the Dog's "Bubblicious"proved to be pivotal. His version was commissioned, and offthe back of its bubbling synths and intuitive percussion Bencompleted further remixes for Fever Ray and Moby, the latterof whom has since become a big fan of Ben's down-tempowork. Both clearly illustrated that this was a producerunwilling to stick to a formula: across just three remixes he'dexplored glitchy house, smoky down-tempo and epicelectronica.In 2010, Tiga requested that Ben rework his massive "MindDimension" single—to which he obliged with a snarling,breaks infused remix that made Beatport's top 5 breakschart. Tiga loved it so much he featured it on the digitalrelease of his album 'Ciao!' Ben also delivered a version ofM.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade's "Donut", this time a rollingtech-house interpretation that Booka Shade included onRA.150, their milestone podcast for Resident Advisor. T he by the deep and dubby 'Modal' in early 2012, with furtherremixes arriving for M.A.N.D.Y vs Adultnapper and Actor One.If there has been a theme running throughout all of this, it'sthat Ben has never wedded himself to a single style. Technoand house inform his recorded music as much as downtempoand contemporary classical. From a productionperspective, Ben is drawn towards sound manipulation anddesign. His approach is steeped in audio reconfiguration,which he offsets by creating his own rich synthetic tones.T he most substantial example of Ben's sonic explorations todate has arrived with 'Collected', a 12-track compilationreleased through Kindisch. T he collection brings togetheroriginal Ben Hoo material from his EPs alongside severalnew and exclusive tracks. "'Collected' was not intended asa traditional album," says Ben. "I wanted each track to standalone with its own sounds and own story. T hey were madefrom vastly different inspirations and a lot ofexperimentations in modifying audio."Binding the compilation is the title track, a contemporaryclassical piece composed using sounds, themes andmelodies from each of the other tracks. "I wanted theelements presented in a contrasting style to take them awayfrom their original intentions," says Ben, encapsulating hisrich musical range. "T his idea is like that of a remix, thoughit sounds like the opposite… the other tracks sound morelike remixes of the composition. I created the piece verymuch with film in mind."remix ignited his relationship with seminal Berlin label GetPhysical, with their sub-label, Kindisch, releasing Ben'sstriking solo debut, 'Marea', in 2011. T his was followed up