- Ecko2


Ecko2 hails of San Jose - Costa Rica. Born on July 11th, 1992, Thanks to his recents features on Tears recordings, Deeptherapy & Worms Records. Ecko2 established itself as a strong producer. At the forefront of the new techno scene made in Costa Rica, focus on his beginning on Puchero Records. Alongside Macho Iberico, Ecko2 will enter into the world of electronic music with Puchero. It's a long story of love with more than 10 releases. This fidelity goes open doors of several labels like Plunk! & Time Has Changed. One year later, it's a new imprint who will trust in Ecko2: Tears Recordings, Valeoftears imprint. Valeoftears & Tears Records saw in Ecko2 that a new star of techno music is born : 4 releases, remixes & pack of productions for Beatport later. Ecko2 still go ahead and works on famous collaborations as Newball, Macho Iberico, T-zhuk or Meli Rodriguez and releases his stuff on Worms, Nothing but, Under Noize, Deeptherapy or Game Theory Lab. Self-made man of electronic music, it's with his friend Macho Iberico which he launched his own imprint "Command-D Records" and confirms its ambition to offer us his own vision of techno music. From Macho Iberico to Louie J via Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, UNER or Joseph Capriati, Cristian Varela & Luigi Madona, Ecko2's groove seduces beyond the technosphere and breaks down barriers and genres of music. One thing is certain. The Star of Ecko2 will continue to shine because the best is yet to come.