- Frank Biazzi


Frank Biazzi is a Belgian techno dj and producer. He gradually became a respected dj and played in Belgian’s most famous clubs, events and festivals (I Love Techno, Cirque d’Anvers, House Torhout, Cherry Moon, Silo, City Parade, ...) and at many differents occasions abroad. He held residencies in several reputable clubs and played every saturday at Lagoa (one of the biggest techno-clubs in Belgium) from 1996 till 2004. One of his tracks “Turbulence”, which was released by Lupp records, has been played by Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Monika Kruse, Ken Ishii, Tom Wax, Tim Taylor, Christian Smith,... they all put “Turbulence” in their top 10 playlist. Following this success, he was asked by Tiesto & JunkieXL to remix their track “Obsession”. At the beginning of 2004, Frank had to put his DJ career on hold because of serious problems with his ears (tinitus). After 8 sabbatical years, he’s actually working on some new productions and he also returned to his techno roots by performing in preferred clubs and events. Beginning 2013, Frank Biazzi started his own label "Trauma records". This imprint which focuses on the same hypnotic and energetic techno that you'll find in his dj sets.