- Metha


Metha / style:STYLE: TECH-FUNK /TECHNO, DARK-TECHNO, TECHY- BREAK, TECH-HOUSE/Metha is one of the most famous Hungarian underground DJsand producers. He’s been playing on his own shows for 10 years.He already played at all of the major hungarian festivals and ondifferent shows in Germany, Slovakia, France and Spain (Ibiza)in front of thousands of people. His international career is justabout to kick-start, mainly due to the cooperation and friend-ships with “A” list DJs and producers from the UK.His own party series is called Be Massive that has been existingin the nightlife of Budapest for nine years.His most important aim is to improve on every field of the profession. He wants to become more successful with his own music as a producer and to raise Be Massive to the highest quality among the bests in Europe.