- Matthias Seibert


Since 2010, Matthias Seibert, better known as Mettylectro, isa name that has quickly become synonymous with hisrenowned residency at the Jet Apartments in Ibiza.His daily pool parties throughout the 2011/12 season,literally took the island by storm. Afer such a success storyat Jet Apartments, Matthias left after 3 years of playing dailyupto 10hrs., to focus on new adventures.In August´12, Matthias moved to Sankeys Ibiza, whichmanaged to get one of the major underground clubs of theisland, where he played weekly the boutique floor of theclub.Summer 2013 saw him rocking the boats of his newresidency for Ibiza Beatz, at the 5-Star catamaran, andstarted a collaboration with Get Physical in Ibiza, playingPrivilege (world´s biggest club) on a constant basis.His 1st own production, Loosing my Feeling, found its way toan alltime classic #02on Deepartment rec. the label of Jens Lissat.His sound, is described as a very sophisticated and adultmixture of Tech- & Deephouse and you can definitely feel a90ies vibe going on.The 2nd ep "Nowhere At All" has been signed on Ametistrec. which will see the light in december, with a fabolousremix bundle from Martinez (Cocoon rec.), ThorstenHammer and José Maria Ramon from Ibiza Global Radio.Matt is also starting his own record label Separat Musik verysoon, where you can expect quality house and technomusic.Last summer saw Matt already touring to Barcelona forSonar, playing Roofop, Amnesia Milano back in may w.Luciano, and returning to his favorite island Ibiza to playHotel Santos in Ibiza for the Natural Rhythm showcase, thecatamaran parties from Infected Opera and KM5 for Jetclub.We can truly say that his unique playing style during hisdaily appearances on the beaches, boats and major Clubsof Ibiza, have secured his name as becoming a huge forcein the House- And Techno scene, not only in Ibiza.