- Sofiane Vial


21 years old, French Techno/Tech House DJ/MUSIC PRODUCER.Musician before anything, I’ve been played drums when I was young and than I started to compose melodies and songs. In all the genres of music, I always wanted to nd melodies who gives emotions and groove at the same time.Music is my oxygen, my family just gave me this lifestyle by the blood.My father is a Dj, I learned a lot of him.I slept near a subwoofer during the half of my enfance, so I always wanted to nd something behind this noisy "boom boom"..!I started to try to understand the music, how that it's made.. Everyday, after any party, I was always remaking the song’s that I heard the night before, just singing it in my head.Now I can say that I've develop my analyzing and my feeling of the music during all this part of my life.For me music Is something special, we’re all hearing the same thing but to make music you have to feel this by the deeper part of your heart.Techno is the most sensitive and emotional kind of electronic dancing music.When I mix or when I produce, I just try to make something groovy with ying melodies.But actually the most important thing, is make the public feel, dance and enjoy this moment. If they remember this part of their night, I won.