- Jgarrett


Vancouver, Canada-based producer and performer JGarrett (aka Josh Garrett) forged his love of techno deep in the warehouses and industrial spaces of Detroit alongside the rise of the North American underground party scene in the early mid-90s. His earliest live sets were performed at a long-gone night in Detroit’s Cass Corridor. Over the years Josh has released a variety of styles of techno on a number of imprints. n 2012 Josh started the Subspec Music label and focused most of his efforts on his JGarrett project... sharpening the harder edged, Detroit-inuenced techno and fusing it with a heavier industrial backbone. Over the last several years Josh’s prole has grown as he as received solid support from many important, top-tier DJs and artists in the international techno community. JGarrett’s sound continues to bridge propulsive abstraction and handmade grooves to deliver full-strength, uncompromising music.