- The Mechanic


I was born 1989 at Hungary. I am Mihaly Kovacs know as T he Mechanic DJ/Producere. T he old Hard Trance always was my favorite. The hard sounding always caught me. When I was a kid I decided to become a DJ. Since 2007 I am organizing house parties and events to show my talent. Of course between different style of music the Hands Up caught me really, just like the italians Gigi D'agostino and Master Baster. As the years passed I met lot of style, like Hardstyle and Hard Trance. Then I got to know the different famous events such as Sensation Black, Qlimax, Q-base are the home of this music. Espacially Yoji Biomehanika's miusic caught me. He is a suck a talented guy who gives everythin to the audience to enjoy theirself and the show. After coupole of year later I had everythin to start to make my own music as it was born at august of 2013, it is the "the Hard Way" of course with bit of dark bitz. Then I made my own style of this style to be say my music rest of my life. But in this I was always interested in the classical world of music that can be found in my own music with even more dramatic sounding. As a Producer I learnd to love enlivened the audience because their support is very important I have always try to make feelings to them and of course the love of music.