- Chris Azure


Chris Azure has always had a calling to electronic music and synths. When younger, any electronic music subconsciously piqued his interests while he wondered why other music just wasn't as appealing. In college, he discovered techno, and began his spiral down into a rabbithole that was fueled by an instantpassion for the music. Chris wanted a sound that gave him the feeling Wumpscut and other industrial artists gave him in his teenage years, with a much bigger overall goal of just making people dance. 2017 was a Strong year for Chris Azure. His debut "Lightning" EP on Subwoofer records soared to the top of the Hard Techno chart on beatport, coming in at #2 and staying there for 2 weeks. Then in November, Chris gained the support of Todd Terry and his Terminator Records with the release of his single "No Milk", and in-your-face driving Techno tune featuring Chris's signature obscurely sculpted noises. 2018 is already off to a running start with Chris is releasing on Reload Records, one of the few labels that he set his sights on. With 'No Para', Chris shows he Is here to stay, with 90's rave stabs, a massive groove and a gripping vocal to make sure the club does not stop moving. His B side 'Smoking the Bear' shows his same style with a euphoric arp accompanied by deep basses and out of this world glitches. Following up this release, Forge Records, Sound.Design, Vudu, Re ekt, and Terminator releases rounded out the year for Chris, showing he is here to stay as the new face of modern techno.