- SolarTrak


SolarTrak is a House Music Producer, Remixer & Dj from London, England. Working under various aliases since 1998 SolarTrak has vast experience in the dance music scene having dj'd at many bars, clubs & Festivals in the UK & Across the world. His uplifting vibe and ability to read a crowd gives him the ability to take any crowd on a musical experience like no other.. Although trying to vary his productions to keep them fresh, to a certain extent you'll always nd the same key elements that give him that signature sound. SolarTrak's radio show "The Guest House" has quickly gained huge popularity over the short time it has been aired and gives him the opportunity to host up and coming artists as well as road test his own productions. www.facebook.com/SolarTrakMusic www.twitter.com/@SolarTrakMusic www.instagram.com/SolarTrak www.soundcloud.com/SolarTrak Spotify - SolarTrak