- Raphael Hofman


Raphael Hofman is a Dutch-German, 23 year old, Techno/Techhouse producer & DJ based in Berlin. Born in Aachen he began DJing and organizing events at local Clubs at the age of 16. As part of a wide range of music-projects like Film- & documentary music (Theater Aachen, Zinnober Film), different bands (from alternative, as guitarist & singer, to electronica) & theatre productions his technical skills & music interest were intensified. In spring 2014, Raphael moved to Berlin to work for De:Bug Magazine Berlin and focus on further work with music. From September 2014 on he worked at Grise Agency Labelmanagement as social-media expert & nightmanager. The sound: set’s & tracks of Raphael Hofman are known for their special deep & dark sound, surrounded by different rhythmic structures & soundspaces, that could be classified into a mix of Techno, Tech House & elements of Detroit House. As he writes, plays, produces, sings & records everything himself on every single track, the productions contain a certain handmade roughness. BOOKING: booking@raphaelhofman.de CONTACT: contact@raphaelhofman.de PROMO: promo@raphaelhofman.de