- HearThuG


In an industry flooded by copy-cats and so-called artists, all running the rat-race to keep up with what ever the "next hot sound" of the moment may be; it's pretty easy to pick the true artists from the crowd these days. This is clearly the case when it comes to HearThuG. With a God-given gift that allows him to conjure up some of the most wild and twisted (yet still sexy and funky) grooves one can imagine, it's no wonder the 23-year old Tunisian was quickly picked up by New York's rapidly rising label, Stranjjur Imprint, who have already got him working in the studio with widely known artists such as H.O.S.H.; who co-produced "Technicolour" which has already been named "one of the best records of 2012" by Sound Effect Magazine.With a world of endless possibilities at his magical fingertips.. HearThuG's journey has merely just begun.