- Kid Cut


Nick Burdick was raised on a musical diet of everything from the light operetta of Gilbert and Sullivan to the rock and roll of Status Quo to the disco of The Gibson Brothers. He spun his first record while living in the USA. Shortly afterwards, in the late 90s, he moved back to UK and fell head over heels in love with the big beat sound championed by the likes of Fatboy Slim after hearing Rockerfella Skank on a compilation CD. His contribution to his school rugby team was making the mix tapes they played during the bus trips to their away matches. When he got to university, he fell in with a fairly musical crowd and started exploring the world of house music. While collecting glasses one night at a Leicester club where he was working, he paused to watch the DJ drop Junior Jack’s ‘E-Samba’. It suddenly became very clear to him that he didn’t want to be collecting glasses any longer, he wanted to be the one playing the records. He bought himself a pair of Technics 1200s and starting running house parties that soon became famous in his neighbourhood. In 2013, he started producing his own records after time spent at the London Sound Academy and has now signed to multiple labels including Whartone, Toolroom and Kukushka and is regularly playing gigs and festivals and releasing music. He is based in the sea- side town of Brighton.