- Enrico Persano


Already at the age of 16 Enrico Persano discovered his passion for house music, the scene and as well the world of DJ'ing. 
In November 2014 he celebrated his DJ debut at club Climax Institutes in Stuttgart, which was his residency club for nearly one year. Shortly after his successfull debut in November 2014, he discovered his interest in producing and started a course for audio engineering at HOFA in Karlsdorf to transform his ideas into own productions. About 3 years later, he started releasing music on berlin based labels My Favourite Freaks and StyleRockets. More music is coming later this year on labels like Blind Vision Records, Whoyostro, Distance Music and Love & Loops Records. To be a DJ and Producer allows him to show and share his motivation and love for the music. He was able to inspire already club visitors In Berlin, Ibiza, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe & other southern german countries, make them celebrate the moment and leave a lasting impression through his mix. In February 2017 he founded the event agency 'ShiftedEvents', organized partys in several clubs in Germany and Ibiza. He invited artists such as Hector Couto, Dale Howard, Max Chapman, M.in, Ale Castro & many more....