- Michael Wenz


Michael Wenz got his start as a DJ in 1999 during the second big wave of electronic music in the United States while attending Madison Media Institute for Recording and Music Technology. During this time Michael began to attend festivals and all night parties around the Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee area. Previously Michael had attended some of the Drop Bass parties circa 1995 & 1996 but was more into non electronic music like Thrash Metal and the Grateful Dead at the time. It was the highest peak of electronic music in the United States yet and events drew 5-10 thousand party goers every weekend. Michael had a college roomate that was a hip hop DJ who happened to have 3 Technics 1200’s. His roomate was trying to settle a debt with Michael and offered one of his Technics Turntables to square up. Michael was then given an old belt driven Technics turntable with a wheel to control the pitch. After about a year of practice and making cassette recordings and buying underground records Michael was hooked. Michael played his first event during the fall of 1999 and has continued to play many large festivals and clubs all over the United States. Over the years Michael has released numerous original recordings on popular record labels as the Drop Bass Network, DRUMASHEENz, Naked Lunch, Noise Complaint, Analogate, Aktivists, Audioworx, Chronic Cutz, and Elektrax. Michael has an enormous collection of his live recordings available on Soundcloud to download for free. Check iTunes, Beatport and other fine MP3 sites for Michaels newest releases!