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 - Chris Robert


>CHRIS ROBERT was born in Romania and lives in U.S.A.(Chicago).>He began his first steps in music at age of 6 playing guitarand few years later he learn the art of rhythm playing drums.Worked as a DJ (opening and head liner) in variousLounges and Clubs in Romania and U.S.A. (New York,Detroit, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami). He share the decks withinternational DJ's: Raresh, Praslea, Stan Kolev, DJ Optick,Raoul Russu, Steven Metropolis, Pagal. He start producinghis own music in various ways such as Deep House, TechHouse and Techno genres. Chris Robert has already signedwith Crossworld Academy Records & Purple Sun Recordsfrom U.K. He is also in a strong cooperation with MAST UDIO from Bucharest, Romania.