- Symbolton


Symbolton is a sound production and Dj duo from Chicago, IL- USA. Brandon Knuksta (aka Jakk Tripper) and Matthew Murrie (aka Dj TankTop) have a deep and dark yet melodic and driving sound that stands apart from your conventional techno.Symbolton has performed live all over Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Northern Indiana, and is quickly becoming a staple of the underground music community in the Mid-West. With over 15 years of mixing records and djing combined between them, Symbolton's abilities behind the decks are second to none and are never rehearsed in a studio before a live performance. Why? So that Brandon and Matt can truly share one of many Original. Chicago. Techno. Experiences. with everyone.We Are SymboltonWebsite: www.symbolton.netFacebook: facebook.com/wearesymbolton/ Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/symbolton Email: emailsymbolton@gmail.comVideo: youtube.com/symboltondj