- Stendahl


Stendahl (Serge Tolstov, born 21 February 1989) is a Russian Moscow based musician. Smooth jazz and melodic electronica influenced his childhood and afterwards became a foundation for artist’s inner music sense of the world. Stendahl is a professional piano player with a deep passion for the instrument - emotional perceptual piano touch can be noticed in almost each piece of his music. Stendahl’s not prone to produce the sound that belongs to a particular style always trying to mix genres by adding chill breaks in breakdowns with abovementioned piano insertions, charming strings and pads that culminate in trance drops with massive synth chords or in somewhat different that can for sure intrigue a listener and give him space to think, dream, dance and eventually do what music was generally created for – to enjoy every moment of our life. Stendahl has been composing for a decade but decided to share his music only in 2013. It was the right decision as in 2014 some of respectable record labels, among which are Silk Music, Nueva Digital and Incepto Music, found him promising and gifted. No doubt Stendahl feels sanguine about his future.