- Sara Landry


Fierce, passionate, and unique, Sara Landry has never taken her responsibilities as a producer and DJ lightly.Falling somewhere between tech house, minimal, and techno, Sara's enigmatic sound is derived from a broad swath of musical genres that together comprise the soundtrack of her formative years. These genres—ranging from 90’s hip-hop to uplifting trance to classical and back again—have together shaped Sara as a producer and helped to define her sound by inspiring her to always creatively push the envelope and challenge the norm (rules be damned). Aided by her diverse influences and commanded by her ever-particular ear, Sara has quickly become known for her signature dark and bouncy sound that prominently features clean, minimal tracks and always delivers a meaty low-end brimming with bass. To Sara, “It's all about the music. If you can't feel me in your chest, I'm not doing my job.”