- Marco Bocatto


Marco Bocatto is defined and characterized as an innovative artist who produce different genres within the electronic music. In the music that he creates he always strives to transmit sounds based on minimal harmonies and warm bass lines. Marco's style could be defined as underground, modern, and non-commercial, in his own words, elegant and soulful. Marco also creates styles within electronic music that are not conned to only one musical genre - we can hear genres of Deep House, Tech-House, Minimal, and Techno. According to Marco, I think there is a sound for every time and place. I believe that music moves in stages, you start listening to the music they play in your favourite club and on the radio but you strive to always look for something that goes beyond the ordinary. Marco's influences stem from jazz, blues, deep house & electro. Marco is a manager of his own label :Unison Recordings, Bufalo Recordings