- Loudbeatz


Loudbeatz: Tall, lively DJ & Producer Rok Kmetec was born in Maribor on 14.4.1990. Coming from the treasury of the millennia-Ptuj-in eastern Slovenia. As a teenager he was a basketball player and a sworn athlete. He then switched sport for music. He started his professional music career in the year 2009 in the Akari club Ptuj. His first show was with the world famous DJs Plastik Funk and Blue & Deep. He presented himself at the Schools Out open air party in Sava Hotels and Resorts and later at Summer House Parade with Soul Avengerz and Blue & Deep. In the year 2011 he reached the final of Mladi Upi Elektronske Glasbe competition. The competition was held by Radio Bit radio station in the Plus Minus club. He was collaborating with DJ Timo G. Their project was called Roll Out Beat. Rox was also presented in the Cirkus club in Ljubljana with the show Rush Hour on Radio Center with Tim Urbanya. In the year 2012 he was resident DJ in club City Light Café Maribor. He participated with the big names of electronic music such as Plastik Funk, Soul Avengerz and Crazibiza.