- Nicola Brusegan


Nicola Brusegan,stage name SKY,is born in venice in 1978.Since he is youg is passionately fond of the wordl of music,starting in the 90' when the profeesion of deejay was not common and determinate as today at least in italy;the techniques and the equipment of the remix were used only from few lovers.This passion took Nicola to spend whole afternoos to listen vinyl,collecting hundred of them.he started to have a diversified knowing of the music and to distinguish himself whit a good personale teat,always news and innovative.The professional history of Nicola Sky started at the disco "Canaletto" in Dolo,Venice.Afterwards he moved to the "Spot" in Fiesso D'artico when the staff of the disco recodnized his talent.Here he started the cooperation whit the most important,big,national and international artist.After two years working one's way up,he finally became a resident dj at the disco "East Side World"in padua,that was managed by BBS communication.During the following five years everybody knew his sound and he played at the most famous and importan locals of north italy.The 2004 is for Nicola a big step because during his way,he knew the Arsenale's a musician and producer group.he cooperated together whit the label Arsenales,as producer artist too.Tanks to his endowments the sunday of "Ultraclub",famous evenings managed Arsenale's,are still remember as the maximum levels of good music and sound. Hours out two new singles Many day at We make names records,and Ultathin at Big mama records.