- Amonita


AMONITA - dj and producer. Her tracks have released such labels as Highway Records, Earthly Delights, Shanti Radio Moscow, Akbal Music.DJ and producer, her musical path started in 2017. Musical direction is a combin ation of colors of such styles as, electronica, downtempo, deep, tech house. Rel eased on Highway Records,from the label Earthly Delight to write a remix on a pr oducer named Shaun Benjamin. The remix falls into the beatport top 100 in the g enre electronica / downtempo. In 2018, Amonita sign tracks on the Shanti Radio Moscow label, the release includes 4 tracks, Paradise Bird, Undine, Pauline, the y located in the beatport deep house top 100, the track Paradise Bird entered the top ten tracks, and the track Rubicunda exclusively comes out with all the rest on the vinyl. Along with the work in the studio, Amonita resident in the clubs of Prop aganda, Community, Keanu, where you can hear her dreamy sets, which fascina te with their beauty.