- Guardner


With Marcus Schmahls project "Guardner" and the long players "Somedays in my life", "Paris Can't Wait" and "Ready For Take Off", Marcus (he is one of the Rauschfaktor duo) has been topping the chill-out charts in across Germany. He presents his work to the audience as an audio-visual liveact or as a DJ across europe.Marcus' musical styles reaches from ambient and downbeat across club-oriented music to music for television (advertisement-, film- and background music).His company runs a production pool with several composers for nearly every style of music. Remixing songs from other artists is one of his further passions. At his multimedia studio he works also for other companies in mastering, composing, dvd authoring, postproduction, product photography, video editing, graphic/design, etc. or as an artist for his own projects. (projects: Broombeck, MSMS, Guardner, Rauschfaktor, Professor Kazkaz etc.).More info: http://www.facebook.com/guardner