- Saint Evo


Saint Evo is an Artist and a DJ/Producer hailing from the savannah plains of Kajiado County, in the Republic of Kenya. Being the energetic sanguine DJ/Producer that he is, Saint Evo is hailed as one of the pioneers of the Afro House sound in East Africa. According to Saint Evo, musical freedom is a priceless commodity that demands constant vigilance at the altar of creativity in order to guarantee its longevity. In this vein, Saint Evo has endeavored to capture and acoustically materialize the sounds from the Equatorial region of Africa, fusing them with vocals from renowned unique artists such as Idd Aziz (Kenya), RubyGold (South Africa), Toshi (South Africa), Tina Ardor (Kenya), Zipho (South Africa), Kwame (Kenya), and Madigari (Namibia), in the creation of musical works that re ect the redolent recondite narratives of this African region. Correspondingly, Saint Evo’s prescient vision has been to evangelize to the world this Equatorial sound. In that regard, in the past few years, his musical productions have made a mark in the international Afro House music scene, where he has released musical gems with reputable record labels in Europe, Canada & the USA. Through his Mixcloud show titled Talking Drums, he has been showcasing Afro House music from Africa and the world, which resonates with his musical philosophy. Mixcloud (Talking Drums): www.mixcloud.com/SaintEvo/playlis...ng-drums-series/ Twitter: @SaintEvoMusicWebsite: www.saintevo.comEmail: saintevo@celsiusdegree.com