- Patrick Roulette


Patrick Roulette was born in Varese on May the thirtieth, nineteen ninety-one. He discovered his passion for music when he was only ten years old and his greatest dream was becoming a world famous deejay/producer; seven years later he begins his first adventure starting up a team of public relations with the intent of performing in various clubs. After fighting hard for his dreams,he finally saves enough money to buy a consolle,and only some months later he starts performing in private parties;from this moment on his fame grows so quickly that he his booked very soon in the most beautiful clubs of Varese/Milan/Riccione.His passion for music grows even stronger while he moves his first steps as a house/electro house music producer and he begins to sell his music in every store of the world thanks to his first label. His dream goes on and he gradually improves his music , trying to reach the first place as a producer. At this moment in time he is also a commercial house music producer for the label “Prisma Record”,and his albums and singles are going very well.You can find him on “Beatport” , “iTunes” and many other music sites –PATRICK ROULETTE.